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Producing end-to-end fintech solutions with our domestic and international banks and financial facilities.


Mobile POS solution, one of first in the industry and actively used since 2018.


A european fintech solution handles users' financial metrics and money transfer setup.


End-to-end virtual POS platform handles payments and integrations.


Agriculture based financial solution for requirements and stock market management.


Regular physical promissory process converted to digital on top of our framework.


A niche digital wallet for money transferring to Turkic countries.


Merchant aimed digital bank platform on top of BAAS and our SME framework.


An advantageous Digital wallet for vehicle owners/drivers to purchase fuel and services.


A mobile SDK for acquiring new customers over verified banking KYC pipeline.

Trusted by 56,000+ happy merchants, over 950.000+ users who are using our platforms since 2018 🥳.


We keep our technology backbone strong and up-to-date by constantly building on our know-how. In this way, quickly adaptation and implementation of new methods and trends become so reliable and standard.

Enterprise level tested end-to-end in-use fintech solutions for B2B and B2C customers.

Receive secure payments from different sources via our mobile/virtual POS platforms.

Create and use virtual or physical card with digital wallet setups.

Receive instant and secure payments from mobile devices with contactless payment.

Open your e-commerce store where you can sell your own products and integrate with available solutions.

Enterprise level tested, up-to-date and in use security infrastructures at your service.

Tested, active and standardized financial modules where different integrations work together in harmony.

Send or receive money domestically and internationally quickly and securely.

According to your needs, get end-to-end access to all financial technology setup in glance.

Move your physical financial documents to digital and receive transactions over Negotiable Documents platform.

Build your own Crowdfunding structure instantly.

Receive secure and fast payments at the same standard from different sources with payment gateway

Check and apply available credits, manage cash flow with Consumer Finance solutions.

Built your financial processes with our on-premised and target aimed AI infrastructure.

Retain your customers and increase usage of your products with our Loyalty Engine.

Blazing Fast, accurate and reliable financial modules for back-end, mobile, web and APIs.

Multiple languages currencies, financial solutions come together, ready in a standard use and plug-and-play style.

Trusted by 56,000+ happy merchants, over 950.000+ users who are using our platforms since 2018 🥳.

Research & Development

Some of our current topics that we allocate R&D resources.


True SME Banking


Loyalty Engine


Wallet as a Product Platform


GenZ Environment

Instant E-Commerce Setup

AI Assistant

ERC-20 Token


Some mile stones about our journey!

Transaction Volume

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TRY 3B/month

Maintained Products

3 of in progress


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Future-proof your business as our solutions stay up to date with all new payment rules and regulations. And our security abstraction solution takes care of compliance while delighting customers with flowing authentication.